Thoughts before an interview

Over here at a dunkin donuts on 82st Roosevelt ave killing time for an interview, or an “open house” (I should say) for blink fitness. When I think abou this process, all types of insecurities surface. I think they don’t want a 30 year old or “how many interviews will I go to” like my father said. I must have faith and be hopeful and grateful for my health, strength, and endurance to keep striving. I’ve been through alot of pain and I’m ready to turn a new leaf. I hope that this situation is the key and opens new doors for situations to occur that will lead me towards my deepest desires, goals and not what the next man or woman or family member bestowed on me.
Im just going to go be respectful as I always am, but at the same time take pride in being my self. No image, just Giscard, my story, my life, my pride, my pain, my accomplishments. Simply me. And at the end in the very least, I leave knowing I was my self and that’s good enough for me. At the best, they accept me for me and it hopefully sparks the beginning of new relationships with who ever I come across I’m actually very funny when Im comfortable in my skin. At least I believe. My horoscope power thought says, ” Life is one big joyful dance ” The quote inspires me to stop absorbing peoples misery. If I can make people laugh like Kevin hart that would bring me joy. Jokesters runs in my blood for goodness sake! Lol
Just thinking random. Confidence, competence, love, faith, and  joy is what Im affirming to my self today. I am strong. I will make it. I gotta take a shit lol.. I was thinking my last interview for sprint I was completely out of synch. But this time around I feel very calm and relaxed. I purposely didn’t workout yesterday so I can be a normal human. What ever normal means, but after this interview I’m going Ape shit in the gym like always. Its crazy how when I was doing finance in Manhattan I would go so hard and not get the results I wanted then go to the gym for a relief and sometimes I would go twice a day. This time around I want to get results from my job and my gym. Speaking things into existence…

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